HOT WEATHER PROBLEMS? German System Air RVK Fan £79.95.

HOT WEATHER PROBLEMS? German System Air RVK Fan £79.95.

Gloucester Hydroponics Shop Special Offer -HOT WEATHER PROBLEMS? German System Air RVK Fan £79.95. This is a reliable, quality product and carries a full guarantee. Systemair 100mm RVK Fan. RVK in line plastic duct fans are very quiet, powerful and come with a 2 year guarantee on the motor. To calculate the size of fan you require simply follow these instructions: Measure the Height, Length and Width (in metres) of the growing environment. Multiply together (H x L x W) to give the cubic meter volume. Multiply this figure by 20. This is the size of fan required to change the air 20 times in an hour. Buy the fan slightly above the figure calculated if possible to ensure adequate ventilation. FIND US Unit 4 Cotswold Edge Hempsted lane Gloucester GL2 5WZ 01452 306871 We are open 10am-6pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm on Saturdays. MORE INFO’ We are always happy to price match and in many cases because of our huge range of suppliers we can usually beat most prices. We are fully stocked with a range of Canna, Plant Magic, Ionic, GHE, House and Graden, Dutch Pro and Hydrotops nutrients as well as a good selection of ONA Blocks and Ducts, Chilli Seess, Organic Options, CO2 Bags, Clippers, Root Riot, Root-it, Grodan, unbeatable prices on Coir compost and perlite, tents, fans, ballasts, shades carbon filters etc. Our staff are fully trained and happy to help with any growing problems including solutions for the dreaded spider mite and other pest and diseases. Feel free to contact us if you are searching for a specific product and we will source it for you – usually within 48 hours from you popping in to it being delivered to our store! We have a large range of unusual Chilli plants and seeds for all you curry lovers out there and a enticing range of health benefical plants ready for all you green fingered peeps!, £79.95, Gloucester, 01452306871.

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