How to get rid of Spider Mite with organic methods

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Spider mite control is a common subject around here. The long list of products we’ve got to offer can be intimidating, but with our knowledgeable help and advice we believe that we can help you get rid of these little pests.  From expereince we have found that all of our product offerings are more effective alternatives to the chemical sprays you’d find in the mainstream. We reccomend varying the use of different organically based sprays like NEEM, NiteNite and the deadly Pyrethum Spray. We have found that just about any of these can be effective when used correctly, and the approach you take to the treatment may be more important than the actual spray that you’re using.

Wait no longer than 3-5 days between applications:

Waiting no longer than 3-5 days between applications is, in my opinion, the main key to gaining control. Just keep going with the sprays every 3-5 days until after you know you’ve won the battle. If you wait any longer between treatments, that helps the mites to develop a resistance to your sprays.

Spider mites avoid the light:

Spider mites avoid the light, so they hang out on the bottoms of the leaves and stems, which is where you should concentrate your efforts with the spray. For the same reason, turn your lights off at least an hour before applying any spray, because the dark will bring the mites out from under the leaves, to where the spray can hit them easier.

Use a variety of insecticides:

We find it is best to change to a different type of spray after 3-4 applications of any one kind. Don’t give up on the sprays that you’ve already used, but keep them in your arsenal and keep using them in turn.  ie NEEM followed by Pyrethrum, followed by Nite Nite will stop the little monsters becoming immune to your spraying . Pyrethrin based spray (chrysanthemum flower extract) is probably the most common main ingredient for insecticides, Pyrethum sprays affect your flavor quality the least out of all the different sprays, so it’s probably good to reserve them until later on when you’ve got developing fruit or veggies on the plant.

Use the heavy oils like Neem and NiteNite before your fruiting or flowering has begun, as they can affect flavor quality of developing fruit.

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