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Gnat off is a really good way of getting rid of these horrible little monsters.  They seriously damage the roots of your plant and can kill your young cuttings and seedlings-when the root system is damaged by them the plant will have difficulty taking in nutrients and water.  The indirect damage Gnats cause by weakening your plants will include mites, nematodes, viruses and various fungi.  Gnat Off works as a soil drench which will kill the larvae.  This product is suitable for ORGANIC growing.  


Fungus gnats are tiny flying insects that can be a problem for houseplants and greenhouse plants. Not only are fungus gnats annoying as they fly around, but they can also do some serious damage to plants.  Fungus gnats are mosquito-like insects, about an eighth of an inch long with one pair of transparent wings. The adults will scatter and fly about when the host plant is disturbed, which is often the first indication of an infestation. 


It is the larvae of the fungus gnats that do the most damage. The adults live about a week, but during that time they lay hundreds of eggs in the soil of your potted plants. They are particularly attracted to damp soil that is rich in organic matter. Fungus gnat eggs hatch in four to six days, and for about the next two weeks the larvae feed on plant roots and root hairs in the soil. This can weaken the plants, stunting their growth and causing sudden wilting or yellowing of the leaves. In severe infestations plants may drop their leaves and new growth can be disfigured.

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