A Small Selection of the Seeds Now Available at Green Light Organic and Hydroponic Specialists who are the main suppliers for all the Gloucestershire Area. Covering Cheltenham, Gloucester, Ross on Wye, Ross, Monmouth, Tewkesbury, Bristol, Evesham, Worcester, Malvern, Hereford, Dursley, Stroud, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire.

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A Small Selection of the Chilli Seeds Now Available

Aji Dulce Chilli Seeds (Little to no heat)

A heatless Habanero. Medium-sized, bushy plant (40cm high) with fruits very similar in look and flavour to Habaneros, but with little or no heat. Good for chilli sauce with no heat, but all that Habanero flavour.

Harvest: Pick when they turn red – about 95 days from potting-on.

Heat: none to very little

Contents: An average of 20 seeds per packet

Aji Limon Chilli Seeds

This heavy cropping and easy-to-grow Peruvian variety grows into a large, drooping plant with fruits 6-8cm long that ripen to bright yellow. The fresh fruit has a distinctive citrus flavour.

Due to its dropping nature, this plant is a good choice for a hanging basket and for growing outdoors.

Heat: 40,000 – 60,000 SHU.

Average contents 20 seeds.

Anaheim Chilli Seeds

Anaheim Chilli Seeds


Price : £5.60


Also known as the ‘New Mexican Chilli,’ this moderately hot fruit is deep green, turning red. Very smooth fruits, 18cm long and 4cm wide on tall (50cm), productive plants that offer good foliage cover for the fruit. Excellent for stuffing.

Harvest: Pick when fully grown – about 65 days from potting-on.

Heat: 500 – 2,500 scoville units.

Contains an average of 20 seeds per packet

Bhut Jolokia Chilli Seeds (20 seeds)

World’s Hottest Chilli.

These plants need 6 months of tropical temperatures to fruit so you should only plant them in spring unless you have hydroponic equipment and artificial light.

The Bhut Jolokia (A.K.A. Naga Jolokia) was officially measured at over one million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) in 2006. For the test report from the Chile Pepper Institute,  click here.

Being three times hotter than an Orange Habanero, our suggestion for cooking with these chillies is to use a small amount, very finely ground (dry or rehydrated and reduced to a paste). As a rough guide, try ? of a pod per person for a hot dish.

These are the most difficult chilli to grow due to erratic germination times and length of growing season. They need patience and warm conditions from March through to October to ensure a good crop. Try pre-soaking in diluted Chilli Focus liquid plant feed over night – we’ve found this reduces the germination time by 50% to about 10days.

Heat rating: 10!/10

Average contents 20 seeds.

Note – Image shown is a dried Bhut Jolokia sitting on a light-box. Fresh fruits are a dazzling red – see the image on the product detail page.


Big Jim Chilli Seeds

The largest of New Mexican varieties, this chilli has pods up to 30cm long that weigh as much as 100g. Their size makes them a favourite for chilli rellenos. Plant 50cm high.

Harvest: Pick when fully grown – about 70 days from potting-on.

Heat: 500 to 2,500 scoville units

Average contents: 20 seeds

Frigitello Pepper – Sweet Pepper

RHS ‘AGM’ AWARD WINNER. Frigitello Peppers; famous Neapolitan/Southern Italian pepper often grilled or fried whole and is probably the most well known by Italians of all their peppers. Long, bull horn type peppers.

Very productive plant. The sweet fruits have all the appearance of a hot pepper. Fruits 14cm long.

Average contents: 220 seeds. Sow Feb-May.


Hot Chocolate Habanero Chilli Seeds

This is a stunning scotch bonnet / habanero type originating from Jamaica. Similar in appearance to other Habanero chillies but chocolate brown in colour. The fruits are extremely hot, up to 600,000 scoville units. The bushes grow large with strong woody stems. Sometimes difficult to germinate, but well worth the effort.

Contains an average of 20 seeds per packet


Twilight Chilli Seeds

This is an amazingly beautiful shrub-like bush which can grow up to 1m tall. It is covered with small upright multi-coloured chillies with purple, orange yellow and red all showing at the same time. Very hot.

This is the one of the chillies grown in the 2006 BBC Gardeners World Chilli Trial after their visit to film us in the Autumn of 2005.


Top Ten Selling Chilli Seeds in one packet

10 of our best selling seeds. Includes:-  Twilight (hot) Jalapeno(medium),Cherry Bomb(medium), Long Slim Cayenne(hot), Fresno (medium), Serrano(med-hot), Santa fe Grande (medium), Aji Limon (hot), Orange Habanero (very hot), Hungarian Hot Wax (medium).

Every ‘Top 10’ seed selection comes with full printed instructions.

Contains an average of 20 seeds per packet (200 seeds in all).


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