Spiffing Triffids Magical Mix creates Monsters!! Forget White Shark and Funky Fungi our mycro is more concentrated and only £7 a tub!!

The Magic Miracle Soil/Coco Mix – oh yes it is!!

This is what you need Per  bag of soil or Coir/Coco – we recommend the House and Gardens Bat Mix

to the 45/50 litre bag of soil or coco add

A pot of of Bat Shit if you are not using a bat soil (blue) and a bag of kims ‘Top Shit’ (green). Mix in to the entrire bag throughly.

and the magic monster root stimulant = a pot of mycorrhiza (red)  goes directly on to the roots and in your planting hole.


1/     Make sure the contents of the Monster Mycro are touching the roots and in a perfect scenario are ALSO mixed in with your soil planting hole or Grodan hole (you cannot overuse this)

2/   Make sure that you mix the Bat Shit (Blue Bag) and ‘Top Shit’ (Green Bag) in well and they are NOT in contact with your roots.  The plant will grow into the mix but it is a powerful nutrient and can cause root burn if you do not mix thoroughly = one pot per 45/50 litre bag soil or coco..

3/    With this soil/coco mix you probably do not need any Root Stimulant/Nitrozyme/Boost or other additives except a basic grow and bloom for the whole growth cycle.

4/     You can use any grow and bloom nutrients you want with this mix but we find that our own range of nutrients work best and are half the price of Canna etc.

5/     We have a NEW soluble grow and bloom which you add to water and feed through the growing and fruiting cycle OR an ORGANIC slow release nutrient that you add to the soil with your Top Shit before planting.  The slow release means that all you do is add water for the whole growth cycle except we recomend a PK 13/14 like Plant Magic Platinum or Dutch Pros Explode which is a multiple and constant award winner .

6/    If you have followed this your plants should be in optimum health so you can use the incredible Top Shooter or Ripen.  Only use it if your plants are healthy as it demands a lot from them but you will get a huge increase in your flowers or fruits size.  ALWAYS flush as normal in your final week.

7/  ENjoy your hard work.

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