Airpots are the best thing you can give your plants

For award winning success when gardening you need to look at several things including quality nutrients, growing media and environment.

The way to achieve flavour (terpenes) + yield + massive roots is to use the a full organic spectrum which would include a bio stimulant, mycorrhizal and a wide range of natural seaweed and algae derived biostimulants. All of this is in one bottle of our 100% Organic Hyper Nova = One part feed from seed or cuttings to cropping.

But for the very best results you also need to consider the area of the plants metabolism. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink? Indeed this is also the case with any living organism. Just because you provide your plants with the best most well balanced and healthy nutrient that you can, doesn’t mean that its necessarily hungry. Many environmental and other factors can affect your plants metabolism that will cause its nutrient uptake to slow or if severe, even stop.

Sometimes a plants metabolic rate is also a genetic trait. It is possible to increase your plants hunger, even over and above its normal levels by stimulating and energising their metabolism with an organic bio stimulant. This makes for overall increases in productivity and quality.

What is Bio-stimulation? Your plants have many biological and biochemical systems that are vital for its life and development. Your plant has to synthesise many Phytohormones, Amino acids and other biochemical compounds from the nutrient you provide. Many of these are complex molecules that the plant requires for it’s significant energy use. By providing the plant with a rich source of natural bio stimulants directly it can save the plant energy converting the nutrients into its own. Its’ saved energy is then donated to more desirable areas of growth such as

your flowers development, sugar and oil production.

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