Spiffing Triffids Chart including the new ORGANIC Hyper Nova.

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While stocks last we have a TRIAL price for the ORGANIC all in one HYPER NOVA- from cutting to cropping feed. We also have some great tent all in one deals but they have been very popular so get to the shop ASAP!
For the Best and Cheapest Results Use
The Green Light Magic Mix
For Soil or Coco
This information is only a guideline folks
For best results this list is not optional, you’ll need this per two plants:
1 x Bottle of Spiffing Triffids Hyper Nova. A one part feed for grow and bloom
1 x Pot/bag of Spiffing Triffids Top Shit
1 x Pot/bag of Spiffing Triffids Monstrous Mycorrhiza
1 x Small shot bottle of Spiffing Triffids Diamond Spray
1 x Small shot bottle of Spiffing Triffids Emerald Spray
1 x Bottle of Dutch Pro Explode OR (NOT BOTH) Plant Magic Platinum PK
1 x Bottle of GHE Organic Bio Bud
1 x 50 litre Bag of H&G Premium Bat Soil or Coco
1 x PH Tester – ALWAYS ph your water
1 x Bottle of PH Down
1 x Bottle of PH Up
1 x Oxygen pump and air-stone
3 x 1 litre Plant Pots
2 x 20 litre Plant Pots
This list is optional, but highly recommended:
1 x Bottle GHE Organic BioRoot Plus
1 x Bottle GHE Ripen
1 x Bottle GHE Flora Kleen
1 x Bottle H&G Bud XL
Spray your cuttings or small plants starting with Spiffing Triffids Emerald Spray once or twice a week and then with Spiffing Triffids Diamond Spray once or twice a week, alternately for the first four weeks.
When you have a good root system and a few – approximately under ten and over four – leaves on your seeds or cuttings transfer them into the small 1 litre pots.
Use Bat soil + Spiffing Triffids Monstrous Mycorrhiza + ph 6.5 water in the small 1 litre pots. Use ph 6.5 water without any nutrients mixed into it for the first week.
Leave the small plants under a CFL or T5 propagation light to grow on for about a couple of weeks and water with 1.5ml of Spiffing Triffids Hyper Nova per litre of water.
5. When you have a small healthy plant with approximately ten leaves you will need to transplant it into a bigger pot. To do this mix one bag/pot of Spiffing Triffid Top Shit into your bag of Bat Soil and mix well. Split between your 20 litre pots. Make a planting hole in each pot for your small plant and sprinkle loads of Spiffing Triffids Monstrous Mycorrhiza around the hole – you cannot over use this. You want the Monstrous Mycorrhiza to be in contact with your roots and if you have enough, mix the rest into the soil.
6. The small plants do not usually need any feeding for the first week after you have transplanted them into their final large pots and will only need a half feed for the second week after transplanting – use Spiffing Triffids Hyper Nova at approximately 1.5 ml per litre for soil/coco and 1ml per litre in hydro. The third week onwards after transplanting into larger pots, use 1.5 to 2.5ml litre in soil or coco and 1 to 1.5ml in hydro. Start low and increase the feed to the maximum dose.
7. Until you have flowers spray every 3 days to a week with Spiffing Triffids Diamond Spray for all media. This is vital to yield, taste, health and essential oils, so don’t forget.
When you switch from veg to flowering some plant varieties may benefit
from a small dose of mag/cal. Before adding mag/cal you MUST flush your plants through with GHE Flora Kleen first and then continue feeding with Spiffing Triffids Hyper Nova. Don’t forget to put your plant support nets up in your greenhouse before your plants get too big.
9. When you have distinct flowers you should add a quality PK like Duch Pro Explode to your Spiffing Triffids Hyper Nova Nutrient mix.
10. You may also want to add GHE Bio Bud, or H&G Bud XL when you start using a PK.
11. For the last fourteen days stop using ALL nutrients and just use GHE Ripen for ten days, then flush with GHE Flora Kleen for the last four days. 

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