House and Garden Bat Guano Soil

Still the easiest and best way to grow plants is to use soil. In our experience this is also often the preferred way for the beginner or professional indoor grower who want a good flavour (terpene content) and who prefer to grow organically.

Outstanding results are still achieved using soil to grow plants and Teignbridge Horticulture offer a range of growing media in the hydro shop including Plant Magic Soil Supreme, Bio Bizz All Mix and Canna Terra Professional.

House & Garden Batmix Special 50lt

House & Garden Batmix Special 50lt

Bat Mix Special is House & Garden’s premium quality soil mix, due to the smart composition of the various elements.

Bat Mix contains black peat from Germany and Baltic white peat, both of which carry the RHP stamp.
Perlite, lime and Bat Guano are added, which provides extra fertilizer. Bat Guano is screened from 5- 35mm.
Bat Mix carries a pH of 6.4 and an EC of 1.2 – 1.5 and should be treated somewhere between a light mix and an all mix. It contains enough food for about 4 weeks but is too fertilised for seeds and young cuttings.

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