Daisy Chain CBD Reviews

At the age of 50 I am finally sleeping like a baby thanks to Kim’s Help and Gold CBD capsules. DFord

I have had back pain for years which has affected everything.

I have just started a mix of the CBD capsules and rub in pain oil I still get pain but it’s no longer destroying my life and kim says it’s cumulative so I’m hopeful Mike H

I use the CBD chocolate orange oil for my anxiety, i now that if I am going to somewhere that triggers me I tske this first snd I am able to cope. It helps me leave my house when nothing else did. Ross Fumford

After Kim suggested I try it for my eczema I started using the massage oil as a moisturiser.

it’s simply fab cause as well as my skin feeling the best it has since I was twenty, the vanilla smell soothes me and the cherry on the top is that I have also discovered my cellulite seems to be going love love loving it ❤️ Sam Owen

I had been going backwards n forwards between doctors and specialists for three years. I went and spoke to Kim who suggested I try the daily capsules and 5% oil. After eight weeks I am now a different man! I am Eating normally , I have no stomach pain and I’m even back to my training at the gym. To say CBD has changed my life would be an understatement Jon Gloucester

I am amazed at how much the super silky oil has helped my face!! It’s amazing!!! Anna Baylis

I had been hearing good reports of CBD oil for some years and was sorely tempted to try it to get relief from arthritis which I was suffering from .

The only thing that put me off was thinking of possible side-effects , I-E wandering around in a state of muddled euphoria. thankfully this is not the case with CBD oil .

Four to five months ago Kim persuaded me to try some , I dutifully followed her instructions and happily found no problems or side effects and was able to continue my daily lifestyle as per normal .

I did wonder at first if it was working , but then after five to six weeks I realised i’d had no arthritic problems for over a week or so. I have continued taking the flavoured oil in my coffees at 5 drops per day and can happily say i’ve had no arthritic pain at all , a revelation after years of suffering .

Many thanks Kim , bless you .Mike Price

I have been using daisy chain full spectrum gold cbd & rose geranium face cream for a week & I feel like it feeds my face not only with its glorious texture but a smell that is just lovely. This feels like my little bit of luxury but everday. Highly recommend this cream , its lovely 🙂 R

My son had really spotty skin until I got him some of the spot zapper. Porsche Modieea.

Cbd kicked my fibromyalgias butt and now I wouldn’t be without my coffee cbd oil

mel Louis

I use the sore skin mix for my pustular psoriasis. The doctors treatment did not work for me snd kim suggested trying this. It has totally cleared up the blisters and stopped the itching immediately. I’m now a CBD evangelist Kate Wills

I use the cbd muscle rub / healing cream for my joints and sore places . As with everything else at daisy chain it smells lovely , has a velvety feel to it , my little go to pot of cream . My dogs also love it . I used it on my pup for a sore patch under his arm pit . It soothed and healed really well 🙂 highly recommend daisy chain products . They work and smell gorgeous Rachael Oglivie

Hey everyone..I want to add my praise for cbd..especially that sold by Kimmi…I suffer from hypermobility which can leave me crippled and in pain but since using cbd, I can function almost pain free!

I recently had to go without as I was too worried to travel through china with it…4 weeks and the pains returned and once again I found myself struggling to walk. Two weeks since I returned and back on the cbd…the relief is unquestionable..the help for another damaged knee, soon to be operated on, is worth every penny spent!

Without cbd, I would live a life in constant pain. As a bonus, it also helps with my pre menopausal symptoms too!

If you are in any doubt about how good this stuff is, please ask questions and listen to those already using it! LILA Jenkinson

As a lifelong vegetarian it was a joy to find Daisy Chain CBD. was not only vegan but free from palm oil. They stock a gorgeous selection of Vegan soap, capsules and body oil all of um smell good enough to eat

Happy Girl 😘😘😘blessings Faith

My bottle of miracle oil is used for everything like burns, bites, stings burns stubbed toes, in fact if it hurts I bung oil on it. Sinead D

I had a stress headache for six weeks and then I bought some aches oil. I rubbed it in and two days later I woke up headache free. No more tablets for me

Miranda M

I just wanted to be able to walk my dogs – And Now I can

Thanks kim 😘 Claire W

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