Spiffing Triffids Hyper Nova Organic all in one feed reviews

Don’t believe us…check out the FB reviews for yourself…..https://www.facebook.com/GreenLightGlos?sk=reviews

Hyper Nova (for soil & coco) by Spiffing Triffids is a 100% organic, one part nutrient system. Hyper Nova removes the need for any of the usual extra additives like, amino treatments, cal-mag, root stimulant or any form of trace micronutrients.  It is a ONE BOTTLE, high performance 100% organic bio stimulant  designed for use from cutting/seed to cropping.  It is rich in food for your precious plants, your plants roots and your mycorrhizal fungi.

Regular feeding with Hyper Nova will ensure:

1. Healthy, fast growing, disease resistant plants with loads of nodes.

2. Huge healthy roots and we all know, roots = growth = nutrient uptake = yield and flavour.

3. You will notice that your plants will have a higher terepene content (flavour and smell) with Hyper Nova and the Spiffing Triffids powders than a chemical nutrient.