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For all growing methods: hydroponics, soil less and soil
Liquid Super Concentrated Nutrient

  • The marriage of hydroponic and organic gardening methods
  • High performance for all types of plants
  • Adapted to all types of waters, hard and soft
  • Super concentrated and pH stabilized
  • Optimum nutrient absorption is aided by natural humic extracts
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Superb for hydroponics, soil-less and soil cultivation

FloraNova represents a breakthrough in fertilizer technology, as it gives users both the strength of a dry concentrate and the ease of a liquid. This unique formulation of highly purified minerals and natural additives combines the benefits of hydroponic as well as organic gardening methods. FloraNova, one part formulation, combines all the elements required for hydroponic cultivation, plus it is extremely concentrated. A very small amount of FloraNova mixed with fresh water will provide your plants with proper nutrition. FloraNova works superbly in hydroponic environments, as well as with both soil less mixtures and soil grown plants.

FloraNova Grow:
Works as a specialized nutrient for rapidly growing plants during the structural and foliar growth phase.

FloraNova Bloom:
Use FloraNova Bloom during the flowering and fruiting stages of your plants.

For best results use with the Spiffing Triffids range of beneficials.  Top Shit and Monster Roots are £8.99 a tub and worth their weight in GOLD